Fretwire, Medium Gold Phosphor Bronze (1.2x2.4mm, 0.6 tang), pre-cut 24 pack

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24 pre-cut Phosphor Bronze fret wire for one instrument, based on a standard fretboard (43mm at nut / 53mm at 12th fret) and has an extra 0.5mm length
- These Allergen-free Phosphor Bronze frets are gentle on the skin, they produce a warmer sound than nickel silver frets, and have better wear resistance (with a HV250-290 hardness).
High quality, made in Japan.

Size: 7cm long (2-3/4”), with radius of 250mm.
Width of Crown: 2.4mm, Height of Crown: 1.2mm, Total Height: 3mm, Width of Tang: 0.6mm, Width of Tang w/Studs: 0.95mm (shown in photo).