Gotoh SGS510Z-HAPM(CK)A07 Guitar Tuners with Locking Adjustable Post, 3L+3R (Cosmo Black)

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Set of six Premium Lubri-Plated Gotoh SGS510Z mini sealed-gear tuners, 3L+3R, Cosmo Black finish, with HAPM (Locking Height Adjustable Post).
Gear ratio: 18:1
Includes nuts + washers + wood screws + Allen key.
* Instructions on Post Height Adjustment are included (for more info please watch the YouTube video at
High quality, made in Japan.

Rock-Solid design eliminates the sideways movement of the string posts.

Lubri-Plate is an Electro Plating process which coats the surface of all the moving gears. The parts are are enhanced with GSP, which is an original polymer compound specifically formulated to work with Gotoh's Lubri-Coat. The need for oil is eliminated, keeping the lubrication where it is needed for the life of the tuning heads.

The H.A.P.M system enables post height adjustment and incorporates a locking mechanism.