Rocklite Ebano Guitar Binding, Black with White+Black+White lines, 2 piece set, 32.5" long

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2 piece set of Rocklite Ebano Bindings, Black with White+Black+White lines.
Size (each): 1.8 x 6.5 x 825 mm (0.07" x 0.26" x 32.5").
* Note * Dimensions may vary slightly, as these items are made from wood and laid up with glue. Always wait for your bindings or purflings to arrive before routing the ledge of your guitar.

Rocklite is a man made product, engineered entirely from real, sustainable wood. Rocklite Ebano is designed to replicate ebony, whose existence is now endangered by excessive logging thereby offering a sustainable and Eco-friendly alternative.
So now Luthiers and other master craftsmen can give their clients a far more consistent, sustainable, and stable product than ever before.

  • Acoustically superior and consistent density
  • Moisture acclimated and inherently stable
  • Machines with standard tooling
  • Hand made in UK.