Gotoh SG381(CK)07 H.A.P. Guitar Tuners with Adjustable Post, 6-Left (Cosmo Black)

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Set of six Gotoh SG381 sealed-gear tuners, 6-Left for Right-handed Guitars, Cosmo Black finish, with HAP (Height Adjustable Post).
Gear ratio: 16:1
Includes nuts + washers + wood screws + Allen key.
* Instructions on Post Height Adjustment are included (for more info please watch the YouTube video at
High quality, made in Japan.

Rock-Solid design eliminates the sideways movement of the string posts.

Lubri-Coat is a solid lubrication layer applied to the worm gear to establish better contact between the worm and the gear wheel. The application of this degrade-resistant lubrication eliminates backlash when tuning and provides additional durability.

The H.A.P system enables post height adjustment.