Gotoh SD510(N)06M Tuners with Standard Post + C-A-R-D, 3L+3R (Nickel)

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Vintage Closed-Back Tuners, Nickel Finish, Metal (Zinc) buttons, complete set including C.A.R.D. + bushings + screws.
Gear Ratio 1:15
High quality, made in Japan.

Rock-Solid design eliminates the sideways movement of the string posts.

Lubri-Plate is an Electro Plating process which coats the surface of all the moving gears. The parts are are enhanced with GSP, which is an original polymer compound specifically formulated to work with Gotoh's Lubri-Coat. The need for oil is eliminated, keeping the lubrication where it is needed for the life of the tuning heads.


*C-Carbon Fibre : Made from a specially formulated carbon fibre composite resin, it is both lightweight and extremely durable.
*A-Align C enter: Features a centering guide molded into the base that insures correct string post positioning in relation to the tuner bushing.
*R-Resonant : The high-density CARD material transfers string vibration to the instrument headstock more efficiently, improving sustain and harmonics.
*D-Defend : The CARD base is .05 mm thicker than the inside cavity of the tuner cover and acts as a spacer to prevent damage to the headstock finish due from sharp metal edges and over-tightening of mounting screws.